ILS S.r.l.

ILS S.r.l., a logistics facility for storage and distribution of IFI products, was founded in 1989 in the town of Carsoli for the production of hydraulic fluids with a military specification. Over time it has specialized more and more as a logistics structure dedicated to the PCPA (Air Chemical Peculiar Products) sector.

At the logistics facility are treated:

  • Incoming goods control (packaging and boxes)
  • Control of certificates of conformity, labeling and safety data sheets
  • Product stocks
  • AOG (aircraft on ground) deliveries
  • Re-labeling of packaging and boxes.
  • More than 3000 m2 dedicated to the stock of chemicals
  • Three 100 sqm wide warehouses with controlled temperature and humidity
  • 4 packaging lines for lubricants, greases, hydraulic fluids and paints.
  • Dedicated UTF warehouse

The brands distributed by ILS for the industrial sector are:

The SYNERTECH line is dedicated to special tribological products with innovative chemical and physical characteristics, unique in the sector since they are based on extremely advanced and last generation formulation concepts.
Within the same SYNERTECH special line, a division was created exclusively specialized in the construction of “HI TECH” lubricants with perfluorinated bases applicable in all industrial sectors.

The ENERTECH line mainly deals with lubricants and chemical standard type for industrial uses of various kinds.