L.I.C.H.E.M.S. – Logistic Integrated Chemical Management System

Managing products in partnership with the client.

L.I.CHE.M.S. (Logistic Integrated Chemical Management System) is a service that was developed in order to meet the needs of institutional clients, who are increasingly adopting the approach of outsourcing, to offload the costs associated with the complex management of chemicals and to obtain significant improvements in terms of weapon system reliability and economies of scale.

The service, which is specifically designed to meet the requirements of each customer, is aimed at placing the right product at the customer’s disposal, in the right quantities, at the time of use and under conditions of absolute safely.

L.I.CHE.M.S. only leaves the task of using the product to the customer. The company, in fact, is dedicated to:

  • Analysing and proposing innovative solutions aimed at improving weapon system performance and reducing the environmental impact of the maintenance process;
  • Identifying and quantifying the actual needs in terms of time and quantity;
  • Distributing the materials in accordance with the principles of inventory optimization;
  • Providing customer support (obsolescence, danger levels and training for use);
  • Disposing of expired products;
  • Ensuring product traceability.

The consistent application of this methodology guarantees the customer significant benefits from various standpoints, including the certainty of using state of the art technology products compliant with the applicable standards, as well as the optimization of the purchasing and stock management procedures.

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