Ardrox® 1900 D

exterior and interior cleaner of aircrafts and ground handling equipment

Ardrox® 1900 D is a new generation, heavy duty, thixotropic, alkaline cleaner for the exterior and interior cleaning of aircrafts and ground handling equipment. It can also be used as a de-carbonizer for engine, component cleaning and for the removal of CIC.

Ardrox® 1900 D is a liquid concentrate consisting of biodegradable surfactants, alkaline additives and corrosion inhibitors to provide a more effective and safer aircraft exterior cleaner.

Ardrox® 1900 D is designed to meet the latest regulations and future environmental standards.


  • SAE – AMS 1523B
  • SAE – AMS 1526C
  • SAE – AMS 1530C
  • SAE – AMS 1550B
  • SAE – ARP 1755B
  • ASTM – ASTM F-945
  • Boeing – D6-17487 Rev.R
  • Boeing – D6-7127 Rev.M
  • Lufthansa Technik – PMT M-6.1.07

Physical and Chemical Properties

ARDROX® 1900 D


Depending on the soil Ardrox® 1900 D can be used as received or diluted with water. The dilution with water will destroy the thixotropic properties.

Aircraft exterior washing

General Wet Washing
Dilute Ardrox® 1900 D to 10-20% with water and spray on to the surface. Agitate with brushes, pads or mops if necessary, and then rinse with water.

Heavy duty aircraft exterior cleaner

1. Cleaning of Gear Well, Flap, Nacelle, Exhaust Tracks, Thrust Reverser
For heavy-duty cleaning use Ardrox® 1900 D as received, dilution with water will progressively destroy the thixotropic properties. Spray on a heavy uniform film of Ardrox® 1900 D and allow 5 to 10 min. dwell time. Agitate with brushes, pads or mops, if necessary, and then rinse with water.

2. Dry Washing
Fog on a light film of Ardrox® 1900 D (as received) or apply with pad or mop head. Agitate as necessary, mop dry with clean dry aircraft mops.

Aircraft interior cleaner

Dilute Ardrox® 1900 D to 5-10% with water. Apply the solution by spray, rag or mop head; rub the area to be cleaned then wipe dry with a clean rag or mop head.


Ardrox® 1900 D can be used either as received or diluted to 10 – 50 % with water in an immersion tank or a spray washing machine. The product can be heated to 65 C if necessary. Usually, a concentration of 50 % Ardrox® 1900 D is used for immersion systems and 10 % Ardrox® 1900 D for spray applications. Trials need to be conducted to find the most suitable conditions. Once the contaminants have been removed the components should be rinsed with water.

Effects on materials

When Ardrox® 1900 D is used in the prescribed manner, no significant corrosion will occur on the majority of metals including steel, aluminium, magnesium, copper, and cadmium plating. It has no deleterious effect on good quality paint schemes under normal conditions of use.
Ardrox® 1900 D does not cause any hydrogen embrittlement on high-strength steel or stress corrosion cracking on titanium.
Equipment/tanks should be constructed of stainless steel.


Store in a cool place, with protection from freezing conditions.

Safety guidance

Before operating the process described it is important that this complete document, together with any relevant Safety Data sheets, be read and understood.

Waste release

Any release shall respect all the applicable national and local regulation.

General information

Chemetall supplies a wide range of chemical products and associated equipment for cleaning, descaling, paint and carbon removal, metal working and protection and non-destructive testing. Sales Executives are available to advice on specific problems and applications.

Download ARDROX® 1900 D technical datasheet