Ardrox® 6367 (Turboclean 2)

Aqueous-based turbine engine cleaner concentrate

Ardrox® 6367

  • is a concentrated, liquid and easy-to-handle product
  • removes deposits, oils and their oxidation products in the compressor area
  • is an aqueous blend of biodegradable surfactants and corrosion inhibitors
  • contains corrosion inhibitors providing protection against corrosion for up to 3 days during engine standstill times.
  • does not contain any EDTA, NTA or their salts

Method of use

Ardrox® 6367 is diluted with demineralised water in the proportions of 1 part ARDROX® 6367 to 4 parts water. Cleaning is most efficient, if the product is applied while the compressor is running (cleaning mode). Pressure and flow will be dependent upon engine type and level of fouling. Always refer to engine/airframe manufacturer’s manuals for specific procedures.

Ardrox® 6367 is also excellent for use in an immersion bath.

After completion of the wash, the engine should be rinsed with demineralised water and then protected with water-displacing fluid, ARDROX® 3961, unless the engine is to be used immediately. If there is no requirement to rinse, corrosion protection is assured for up to three days.

Effects on materials

When used as recommended,Ardrox® 6367 is non-corrosive to the metal alloys and paint schemes normally used; the pH-value is neutral.

Technical information

Technical information  
Appearancestraw-coloured liquid
Density1.02 – 1.03 g/ml at 20°C
Flash Pointnon combustible
pH 7 – 8 (20%, diluted in water)

Safety guidance

Before operating the process described it is important that this complete document, together with any relevant Safety Data sheets, be read and understood.

Download Ardrox® 6367 technical data sheet