Ardrox® 907PB, 996PB, 9VF2

Red Dye Penetrants

Ardrox® 907PB is a water-washable and solvent-removable red dye penetrant, Ardrox® 996PB is a solvent-removable red dye penetrant (please also refer to Ardrox® 9PRx series).

Ardrox® 9VF2 is a water-washable fluorescent colour contrast penetrant (dual purpose according to EN ISO 3452-2 TYPE III).

The inspection can therefore be done under white light but improved indication of defects is possible by means of an ultraviolet light.

Ardrox® 9VF2 is a high sensitivity azo-dye free penetrant which does not contain any aromatic hydrocarbons.

Ardrox® 907PBWater-washable /
Bulk / Aero
Ardrox® 996PBSolvent-removableBulk / Aero
Ardrox® 9VF2Water-washableBulk / Aero