Ardrox® 970P24E, 970P25E, 970P26E

Fluorescent Water-Washable Penetrants (surfactant-based)

Ardrox® 970P24E, Ardrox® 970P25E and Ardrox® 970P26E are biodegradable water-washable fluorescent penetrants offering a range of sensitivity levels.

The basis for this penetrant development is a mixture of biodegradable surfactants and fluorescent pigments without any mineral oils or hydrocarbons.

Because of these developments, penetrants of the Ardrox® 970P2x series have a minimal impact on the environment, have excellent wash characteristics, show low background and have a high flashpoint.

All products are approved to AMS 2644.

ProductSensitivity LevelPackaging
Ardrox® 970P24E2Bulk
Ardrox® 970P25E3Bulk
Ardrox® 970P26E4Bulk