Ardrox® 981x series

Fluorescent Post-Emulsifiable Penetrants

Chemetall has developed a new range of Ardrox® high performance, post-emulsifiable, fluorescent penetrants that utilizes the latest surfactant technology (NPE-free).

The new Ardrox® 981x series of products have low-odor, low toxicity, high flash point, minimal environmental impact and show significant performance improvements compared to older generation products.

To complement this new range of penetrants, Ardrox® 9881, a new hydrophilic emulsifier with improved odor control and bath stability, has also been developed. All products are fully approved according to AMS 2644.

ProductSensitivity LevelPackaging
Ardrox® 98122Bulk
Ardrox® 98133Bulk / Aero
Ardrox® 98144Bulk / Aero
Ardrox® 9881Hydrophilic EmulsifierBulk / Aero