Ardrox® 9881

Penetrant Remover / Hydrophilic Emulsifier

Ardrox® 9881 is a blend of biodegradable surface active agents, coupling solvent and corrosion inhibitors. It is low in sulphur, halogen and alkali metal content. In addition to that Ardrox® 9881 shows an improved odor and bath stability and it is designed to meet the latest surfactant regulations.

Ardrox® 9881 is a hydrophilic type emulsifier used for the removal of the new Ardrox® 981x series of post-emulsfiable, fluorescent penetrants (Method D).

Ardrox® 9881 is approved under specification AMS 2644 (ex MIL-I-25135) and entered into the relevant QPD / QPL.
It is also approved by Rolls-Royce to CSS232 and OMat 621 K, Pratt & Whitney (PMC 4355), SNECMA and SAFRAN Group.
General Electric, British Aerospace and CFM International accept the approved and registered QPL insiders of the AMS 2644.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical and Chemical Properties 
AppearanceClear, orange liquid
Density at RT~ 1,01 g/ml
pH at 100 g/l8,2 ÷ 9,2
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