GSB-88® : Gilsonite Sealer/Binder Emulsion

Gilsonite Sealer/Binder Emulsion

GSB-88® is a asphalt sealer-binder emulsion with sealing and protective properties of great resistance and effectiveness:

  • up to 5 years of duration for a single application
  • easy to apply with normal asphalt equipment
  • odorless, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic

GSB-88® regenerates oils and resins deteriorated by UV rays, precipitation, oxidation and temperatures, factors that accelerate flaking in untreated pavements, resulting in greater and greater damage over time.

The Gilsonite which GSB-® is based on is a natural asphalt, originating from the Uintah basin (Colorado). Not requiring oil refining processes, it is a naturally best choice for the environment and extends the life of the floor thanks to its chemical properties.

It is the only protective asphalt certified by Green Circle, a company that evaluates the environmental impact of chemicals.