Cosmetic Finishes - Silicone Alkyd Anti Stain Finish

An easy clean, one pack, high solids silicone alkyd finish, with low solar absorption (LSA) pigmentation. The active pigment package minimises rust staining and highlights corroded areas that need repair. Provides superior performance and lower heat absorption in comparison to typical silicone alkyd finishes.

  • Excellent color and gloss retention.
  • Easy to apply and recoat.
  • Low VOC.

Interlac®1 is qualified according to the specification:

  • US NAVY MIL –PRF-24635, Tipo II,Class 2, LSA anti-stain
  • Italian Navy according to S.T.Q. 7/001/C.
  • Product informations
    Product informations
    ColorVarious pigmentations available on request
    PreparationThe surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contamination
    Volume Solids60% (ASTM D2697-96)
    Typical Film Thickness50 micron dry 83 micron wet
    Hard Dry8 hrs a 25°C
    Minimum application temperature2°C
    Method of ApplicationAirless Spray, Roller, Brush, Conventional Spray
    As with all our products, the technical data sheet, safety data sheet and the label include a set of information on the product in question. Copies of technical data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request or from our website.
  • Features and benefits
    Excellent durabilityExcellent operational yield
    Reduced maintenance costs
    Ease of cleaningWith sponge, without abrasives or with a pressure washer in case of large surfaces.
    One componentEase of application and reduction
    of waste
    Packaging with active pigment
    Minimization of stagnation of rust and
    maintenance of the original aesthetic appearance
    Low solar absorptionReduction of energy required for air conditioning systems by limiting operating costs.
    Provides a more comfortable working environment for crew and sensitive electronic equipment.
    Strong resistance qualitiesReduced maintenance costs
  • Low solar absorption technology

    In relation to the type of boat, the external bridges have the capacity to absorb infrared rays generated by the sun (heat) which generate an increase in the temperature of the sheet bridges and a consequent increase in temperature in the internal areas of the boat.

    This effect can put a strain on the units responsible for the production of air conditioning used to maintain the internal operating temperatures at tolerable values.

    The low solar absorption bridge (LSA) finishes can therefore reduce the energy used for air conditioning systems (and therefore operating costs) while providing a better working environment for the crew and for sensitive electronic devices. to temperature variations.


    Temperature Vs Exposure time

    In order to evaluate the temperature variation as a function of the solar exposure time, two panels were taken into consideration, both in steel. Also in this case the first one was treated with Interlac®1 paint (LSA) while the second one with traditional alkyd-silicone paint.

    Differences measured in the temperature of the steel as a direct result of solar exposure, show the advantages in using LSA technology.

    In fact, already after about 14 minutes of sun exposure you can appreciate a temperature difference for the 2 panels evaluable in about:

    55 ° C – 47 ° C = 8 ° C