Intershield® 851/852

high build, spray applied, two pack epoxy coarse texture non-skid finish

Intershield® 851/852 is a high build, spray applied, two pack epoxy coarse texture non-skid finish. Hard wearing with good chemical resistance.

As a non-skid flight deck coating complying with DEF STAN 80-134 Type 2 – Coarse Texture. Can also be used on any other deck or walkway subject to heavy wear.


features / benefits

Painting scheme resistant to
Excellent operational and aesthetic skills
Reduced maintenance costs
Painting with medium / high non-skid profile,
approved to DEF STAN 80-134, Type 1
It can be used as non-skid for aircrafts, vehicles and as a passage
Low solar absorption (LSA)It minimizes the use of energy that supplies the air conditioning systems and increases the wellbeing of the crew
Resistente agli agenti chimici e al carburanteResistant to chemicals and fuel
VOCs content 111g / KgControl in the emission of solvents
A simple two-component productEasy to use and does not require any further mixing with aggregates

product informations

Product informations
ColorADA172-Extra Dk Sea Grey
Surface preparationIt should be clean and free of contaminants
Volume Solids75% ±2% (ISO 3233:1998)
Typical Film Thickness1000 micron dry (1333 micron wet)
Touch Dry16 hrs @ 25ºC
Minimum application temperature10°C
Method of ApplicationConventional Spray, Roller
As with all our products, the technical data sheet, safety data sheet and the label include a set of information on the product in question. Copies of technical data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request or from our website.

Low Solar Absorption Technology

Depending on the type of boat, the external decks have the capacity to absorb the infrared radiation (heat) from the sun, with a consequent increase in the temperatures of the metal sheet and a consequent increase in the temperature of the internal areas of the unit. This effect can put a strain on the air conditioning units used to maintain acceptable internal operating temperatures.

Low solar absorption coatings (LSA) equipped as a painting scheme in a weapon system can help minimize the use of air conditioning, operating costs and in addition provide a better working environment for crew and sensitive electronic equipment.

Non skid performance

Desks are areas of high operational activity and can potentially pose dangers to equipment and crew. Intershield ® 852 uses the high durability of polymers to wear that contain aggregates, to give a well-structured profile designed to provide maximum slip resistance while keeping the coefficient of friction high.

Intershield®852 has been developed with excellent resistance to sea salt and chemicals to increase the safety of the crew and passengers and its resistance. It is qualified by DEF STAN 80-134 Type 1 (issued by UK MOD) as non-skid for internal and external desks of military vessels to guarantee the required safety and performance.

No-skid properties(DEF STAN 80-134)
Freshly applied Wet >70 Oily >30
Worn Wet >60 Oily >20
Profile Depth 0.1 – 0.35mm
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