High Performance Deck Coatings - Ultra Lightweight Epoxy Underlayment

A three pack, self-levelling, zero VOC, ultra lightweight epoxy underlayment with excellent anticorrosive properties usable with or without primers

Intershield®7100LWT has been developed according to specifics MIL-PRF-3135 Type III, Class 2, Grade B.

  • Product informations
    product informations 
    Surface preparationThe surface must be clean, dry and free from contamination
    Volume in solids100%
    Typical Film Thickness3125 microns dry (3125 microns wet), 1250 - 6250 microns dry practical
    Film dry12 hrs @ 25°C
    Method of ApplicationTrowel, Squeegee
  • Features and benefits
    Features & benefits
    Applicable directly on metal, reducing painting complexity, time and costs
    Resistant composition, ultra light structure, ideal for areas subject to presence of water, excellent against corrosion
    Smooth finish, does not require further preparation
    Self-smoothing capabilities: quick and easy to apply
    Resistance to fuels and chemical agents maintaining high performance
    No volatile organic compounds, for the protection of the environment
  • Performance with reduced weight

    The application of a traditional coating would lead to a considerable increase in the weight of the unit. This aspect has a negative impact on the project and design of ships sensitive to this factor and certainly, proportionally, to a reduction in fuel consumption.
    Intershield®7100LWT allows a strong contribution to weight reduction and a significantly lower cost of application. Compared to traditional coatings, Intershield®7100 LWT represents a specific weight reduction of 59%.