Foul Release Coatings - Advanced Fluoropolymer Foul Release Coating

Specifically designed to tackle the problem of slime on vessel performance, this latest innovation in the Intersleek range, delivers outstanding micro and macro fouling control with better static resistance even in warm waters.

The new patented advanced fluoropolymer effectively releases slime even at low speeds. As a result vessels will have reduce drag, improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, even if slow steaming.

Intersleek 1100SR is the industry’s first biocide-free, slime release coating featuring patented fluoropolymer technology. Its tailored surface chemistry specifically influences the settlement and adhesion of organisms that make up slime. As a result, all vessels can benefit from reduced drag, improved fuel efficieny and reduced CO2 emissions without the use of biocides.

Performance on duty


  • Product informations
    Product informations 
    ColorFXA991-Grey, FXA992-Blue, FXA997-Red, FXA999-Black and a limited range of colours
    Surface preparationIt must be applied to approved primers and the Intersleek tiecoat (Intersleek®737 or 731).
    It can be applied directly if in good condition on the Intersleek700 and Intersleek900 finishes
    Volume Solids72%
    Typical Film Thickness150 - 200 micron
    Touch Dry4 hrs 25ºC
    Minimum application temperature0°C
    Application method
    1 In comparison with a typical self-polishing
    Airless spray, Brush
    2 In comparison with a section of a naval unit with a mean degradation rate
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  • Foul release: characteristics and rate of release

    The new patented fluoropolymer was developed to improve the resistance to silt using the results achieved by the latest research from the International laboratories, to give the latest generation of Intersleek maximum results in terms of cleaning and fuel economy.

    By maintaining a balance between the hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties of the paint, the perfect balance is achieved to discourage the adhesion of the vegetation in the most effective way.

    Foul removed from 0 – 3 knots

    Foul level reduction

    The uniqueness of the effect of the new fluoropolymer with patented technology reduces the level of silt coverage in the naval units in service. As a result, the boats keep their cleaning for the duration of the cycle.

    Fould release rate