MTM400 – Microtem 400 series

Propeller shafts mechanical seals

The series “MTM400”, designed and realized from 50 mm to 500 mm diameter, is an innovative product which provides a high capacity to compensate for angular and radial misalignment.

Thanks to “DEDaS®” system (Double Elastic Damping System), that is the elastic supporting of the sliding surfaces, “MTM400” is always in equilibrium with respect to the structure variations of the shaft relatively to the hull. Further function of “DEDaS®” is to damper, by elevating the capacity of resistance both to vibrations up to 60 mm / RMS and to the shock up to 60 g.

Another important innovation is the “SPS®” system (Spring Protection System) which ensures that the springs of the mechanical seal will always be isolated from sea water, and from the saline environment of the engine room.

The series “MTM400” also encloses the sealing system security “4S®” (Secondary Seal Safety System) which allows, in case of failure of the main seal, to seal itself in order to allow the use of the shaft line in any case.

The particular geometry of the inner seal has been designed to facilitate the evacuation of the air and to increase the circulation of the water towards the sliding surfaces increasing the heat dissipation developed by them.

The anchoring system of the seal to the hull is independent from the degree of finishing and from the geometrical errors of the latter: “LSA®” can compensate possible errors with the injection of a liquid gasket.

The “WaterShield®” system (optional) is the tire barrier element which allows to isolate the vessel from the outside environment, allowing the maintenance of the mechanical seal without removing the vessel from the water.

Thanks to the “Repair kit”, where the contact rings are made of two halves, you will be able to recondition the mechanical seal in a simple and economical way


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    Soluzioni adottate

    Simulatori FEM

    Grazie all’uso dei simulatori FEM la progettazione degli anelli e la selezione deimateriali sono ottimizzate in modo tale da garantire la minima usura.


    Grazie alla barriera idraulica, la manutenzione della tenuta può avvenire direttamente on-site, senza dover portare la nave o yacht in secca.


    Grazie al sistema “DEDaS®” (Double Elastic Damping Sistem) ovvero la supportazione elastica di entrambe le facce striscianti, la “MTM400” risulta sempre in equilibrio rispetto alle variazioni di assetto dell’asse relativamente allo scafo. Ulteriore funzione del ”DEDaS®” è quella di smorzatore, elevando la capacità di resistenza alle vibrazioni sino a 60 mm/RMS e agli schock sino a 60 g.

    Double Springs series

    La MTM400 è la prima tenuta meccanica asse elica dotata di una doppia serie di molle, le quali, grazie all’azione dello SPS (Spring Protection System), risultano sempre isolate dall’ambiente salino.