Nyco Grease GN 05

Heavy duty aircraft grease

NATO CODE G-359 – AIR 4205/B Iss.3 – MIL-G-3545 C (Obsolete)

Nyco Grease GN 05 is a NLGI 2 grease based on a high viscosity mineral oil thickened by clay. It has a good resistance to water wash out and excellent load carrying capacity. Its typical operating temperature range is from -18°C to + 149°C.


  • Grease
  • Heavy duty wheel bearing & roller grease
  • Helicopter systems
  • Wheels
  • Starter magnetos, generators

Military automotive components (truck electric retarder TELMA) PS: Nyco Grease GN 05 shall not be used at temperature below – 15°C without a warm-up period at idle/low-speed to allow the grease to soften and properly circulate into the bearing parts.

Superseded by Nyco Grease GN 22 (MIL-PRF-81322) or Nyco Grease GN 3058 (SAE-AMS-3058).

download Nyco Grease GN 05 technical datasheet