Nyco Grease GN 17

Aircraft synthetic grease with solid lubricant

NATO CODE G-353 – DCSEA 353/A (ex-AIR 4217) – MIL-G-21164 D

Nyco Grease GN 17 is a soft NLGI 2 grease, based on a synthetic diester oil thickened with a lithium soap. It is fortified with anti-corrosion, antioxidant and anti-wear additives. It also contains 5% of molybdenum disulphide as solid lubricant.

Nyco Grease GN 17 can be used from -73°C to +121°C


  • Airframe multipurpose grease (actuators, doors, flaps, slaps, landing gear, THS, …)
  • Shock-loading bearings & rollers
  • Parts in sliding motion

Airbus CML 03HEB1
ATR CML 04-002

download Nyco Grease GN 17 technical datasheet