Nyco Grease GN 46

Mineral aircraft grease for oscillating bearings

NATO CODE G-366 – MIL-G-25537 C Amdt 1
DEF STAN 91-51 Iss. 21 – XG-284

Nyco Grease GN 46 is a 13 cSt at 40°C mineral oil based, calcium soap thickened grease.


  • Helicopter propeller/tail rotor
  • Bearings & splines (rotating, non-rotating, vibrating)
  • Helicopter systems
  • Outstanding protection against fretting wear
  • Anti-moisture corrosion
  • Temperature range: -54°C to +75°C

Superseded by the synthetic grease Nyco Grease GN 148

download Nyco Grease GN 46 technical datasheet