Nyco Grease GN GA 47

Graphited anti-seize compound

NATO CODE S-720 – AIR 4247/A Iss.2 – SAE-AMS-2518
DEF-STAN 80-80 /2 – ZX-13 – MIL-T-5544C (cancelled)

Nyco Grease GN GA 47 is a homogenous mixture of pure petrolatum and 50 % of micronised graphite. It is a fairly good electrical conductor.


  • Anti-seize, assembly, dismantling compound
  • Used for heavy load applications (wheels, …)
  • Used for high temperature applications (engine spark plugs, propeller shafts, splines, threaded fasteners, fitting of rear parts of gas turbines, …)

download Nyco Grease GN GA 47 technical datasheet