Nyco Grease GN HC

Synthetic grease, oil & hydrocarbon resistant

NATO CODE G-363 – SAE-AMS-G-6032 Type 1
DEF STAN 91-6 Iss. 4 – XG-235 – DCSEA 363/B

Nyco Grease GN HC is a grease based on a synthetic oil which is non miscible with hydrocarbons and/or polar solvents and thickened with a lithium soap.


  • Petroleum resistant
  • Seal plug valves
  • Components exposed to jet fuels
  • Strong resistance to wash-out by Hydrocarbons/solvents
  • Oil & Gas Industry (valves conveying hot crude oil or natural gas)
  • Bearings

download Nyco Grease GN HC technical datasheet