Turbonycoil 640

Synthetic aviation turbine oil

SAE AS5780 Class HPC
NATO CODE O-154 – MIL-PRF-23699 G Class HTS

Turbonycoil 640 is a lubricating oil with a viscosity of 5 cSt at 100°C. It is based on polyol esters with high thermal stability, fortified with carefully selected anti-oxidant, anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives.

Main applications

TURBONYCOIL 640 has been designed for use in gas turbine engines in commercial and military aircrafts and helicopters as well as in aero-derivative gas turbines. It is tailor-made to address the following requirements regarding low coking propensity, high resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, high electrical conductivity. Therefore TURBONYCOIL 640 is recommended for use in hot running engine designs where evidence of oil coking and/or oil degradation was noted.

  • Turbine oil of commercial and military aircrafts and helicopters, recommended in hot engines
  • Accessories (APU, IDG, starter)
  • Main helicopter gearbox
  • Aero-derivative gas turbines : recommended for Rolls-Royce 501K-B7, 501K-B7S and 501K-B7C.

download Turbonycoil 640 technical datasheet