Turbonycoil 699

Synthetic aviation turbine oil

NATO CODE O-160 – DEF STAN 91-100 Iss.3 – OX-26
Analog B-3V (TU38 101295-85)

Turbonycoil 699 is a lubricating oil with a viscosity of 5 cSt at 100°C. It is based on polyol esters with high thermal stability, fortified with selected additives. It exhibits a much improved anti-wear performance over turbine oils of same viscosity (5 cSt – MIL-PRF-23699 Class STD).


Turbonycoil 699 is designed for use in gas turbine engines in military and civil aircrafts as well as in stationary industrial applications.
Turbonycoil 699 is best used in jet engines that require a very high load-carrying capacity to reduce wear of highly loaded components (gearbox, bearings).
Turbonycoil 699 is recommended for helicopter gearboxes that are exposed to both high loads and high temperature for long period of time and is a substitute of the Russian oil B-3V (TU 38 101295-85).
Turbonycoil 699 has been used since 1996 on the RB199 engine of Panavia Tornado multi-role fighter.

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